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Computer based training (CBT) refers to the form of tutelage where learners are imbibed skills through the execution of specific study programs installed on a computer. This training is highly efficient in inculcating skills in the use of computer applications as a CBT program is typically integrated into it, allowing learners to use them as they practice new skills. This type of training requires a huge pool of resources owing to the complexity of crafting a relevant program and running it successfully. The rapid demand for PC computers and a surging prevalence of the devices incorporating CD-ROMs has popularized CBT in all corners of the globe.

Computer-based training is an ideal option for corporate entities and interested individuals as it provides a compendious training. The PC applications are also engineered with an inbuilt form of CBT referred to as a tutorial. However, CBT is available online as a self-customized and interactive system that all users can rely on. Such training platforms allow the users to establish aims while working at their own speed. The completion of a course is dependent on the subject in question. There are many courses online that you can choose from, quintessentially, they include basic, advanced technology alongside management skills.
Computer Based Training Tips in Nigeria
Computer Based Training in Nigeria

CBT online is highly convenient in contrast with school-based training. If you enroll for online training, chances are that you will be able to access training throughout and anywhere. The training provides course subjects online, they can be accessed through downloads or browsing. Downloadable programs are ultra-versatile as you can learn while offline. This approach allows users greater degrees of autonomy that can enable them to progress and attain skills faster. Computer based training has various tools that allow users to set aims and reminders. You are free to determine your learning philosophy and pace. You can also start and complete lessons at your own volition.

CBT courses are highly engaging and involve a lot of interactions. The learning materials are presented dynamically as to convey information through a slew of instructive models. Articles, quick tests, mentored exercises, regular self-assessments and simulations invitingly immerses the learner in training and allows full control of all the time spent utilizing CBT.  When you are in full control of your learning, chances of grasping the nitty-gritty of every lesson are higher than when a tutor has complete learning stewardship. It also allows you to learn from your own mistakes, improve on skills, identify strengths and weaknesses and comprehend concepts in your own ways.
Computer Training in Nigeria
Computer Training in Nigeria

Computer based training programs available online gives students the real picture. Modules are easier to follow on CBT, less time is spent in class and the courses can be taught expeditiously. Since the courses typically have self –assessment, it becomes easier for an individual to rate progress and mastery of content.

CBT is a feasible approach when you want to acquire convenient, autonomous and appropriate training without the need to attend lectures. Underpinned on the notion of self-education, the skills and knowledge imparted by this form of training is poised to infuse long-term understanding of the students.

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